By Oleksandra Levina

“Would you really believe that someone controls you unconsciously?”

Music credits: Stranger Things – Full Main Theme

There might be someone using you of whom you don’t know.With time, conspiracy theories became a significant part of pop-culture. American Ultra (2015), The Manchurian Candidate (1962) and the Conspiracy Theory (1997) are just a few examples of movies that capture government conspiracies. The Internet also supports this phenomenon. Reddit website allows people to carry conspiracy discussions online. ZetaTalk was created in 1995. It is a website that does not only allow people to discuss their views on conspiracies online but also organises social meetings and educates on how to behave if the alien attack occurs.

Conspiracy theories are indeed a link that connects pop-culture with politics. Stranger Things TV show be- came a booming hit straight after Netflix released it in 2016. It resembles a supposed real-life Montauk Project held by the US government. Conspiracy theorists believe that Montauk Project was a series of experiments held at Camp Hero in Montauk, Long Island. Rumours state that US government was conducting a psychological warfare, time travel, teleportation and mind-control experiments in Montauk. Although these rumours were never confirmed, they have turned into a conspiracy theory by which the creators of Stranger Things were inspired. The working name for the TV show was Montauk and the synopsis creates the bond between the 1980s experiment and the content of the show.

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