By Julia Milet 

Murdered rapper Tupac Shakur is the subject of a new biopic to be released in June on what would have been his 46th birthday. All Eyez On Me by Benny Boom will cover his controversial joint careers as a rapper and producer, two decades after he was gunned down in Las Vegas. While he was alive, the public either saw him as an outlaw or a revolutionary.

Here are his most inflammatory political lyrics:

* “You always was a black queen, mama, I finally understand, for a woman it ain’t easy try- ing to raise a man” from Dear Mama, written about his mother who was an activist for the Black Panther Party.

*“Cops give a damn about a negro, Pull the trigger kill a nigga he’s a hero” from Changes. Police brutality was recurrent in 2Pac’s rhymes. These lyrics still reso- nates in today’s Black America.

*“The government got a plan to eliminate the life of every black soul on the slavery land” from The Government, Tupac had many altercations with the po- lice. He believed the government was corrupted and racist.

*“Dan Quayle, don’t you know you need to get your ass kicked, Where was you when there was niggas in the caskets?” from Last Wordz. George H. W. Bush Vice President wanted to withdraw Tupac’s album from stores. Of course Tupac backlashed.

*“I don’t know why I’m even on this track, Y’all niggas ain’t even on my level” from Hit ‘Em Up, an- them of the East Coast-West Coast hip-hop rivalry. Considered as the best diss song ever recorded, the violence of the lyrics partly caused Tupac’s murder three months later.



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